....back on track...

sudah lama agaknyer, since i updated this blog..about two week..bkn nye tdak bermnt lg meng updated blog aku ni..but thre a lot of thing happen and commitment this past two week..shgga aku kne mengenepikan dahulu untuk mnulis ataupun menaip secara teknikal nye....after CNY, ther two incoming exam total out is 30%...byk tu...hope both paper make me proud enough..hahaha...
i have sumtin to share with you all.. jeng3~........... "mereka seorang engineer"
This is the final sem for those who in mechanical and manufacturing engineering sesi 04/05 in Unimas..This 4 years course almost about to end..only 3 month left...for those who not lucky enough will extend in order to grad with a better CGPA...hahah..me include!...LOL...for those who is able to grad on time..congratulation!...you r the best..=D....there is a fact!..out of 77, there is only 7 'flower' there..u know what the flower means?...ONLY 7 FEMALE STUDENT IN MY CLASS...sigh~...so little by little..so,the theory that stated, male student dah nk dekat pupus,tidak boleh di guna pakai dalam klas aku...maybe course yang lain bleh kot..aku tgk kawan drng pun sume pompuan..hahaha..lucky them..lucky ke?...nope!...they are not lucky enough to be lucky..apakah mksdnye tu...aku pn xsure.. all this sweet girl from east Malaysia i ges...from bintulu,from kuching,from sabah also..thre is one girl that had been mysterious for all of us since the very first year attend this class!...u know who?...damn,im not giving out the answer..think of urself..lol...this is:
lala lela didi angel wawa ct delia
nice to meet all of you here...you make our class shining brightly as the sunshine arise from the east every morning,every day for last 4 years!..hahaha..you all shud take that as a compliment...=D.. To lala - nice girl from bintulu...she in my memory in static class..hahaha.. To lela - from bintulu also, she nice..in 4 years im only talk to her several time.. To Didi - nya tok orng kuching,taman sukma kot.aku xsure gak...hepi go lucky i think..not available anymore..=D.. To angel - my friend said she look very beatiful at FK dinner 'once in the blue moon' at crown plaza hotel..i think so..hahah.. To ct - i never talk to her i think..maybe we shud have a little convrsation later or just say 'hi' once we meet each other somewhere... To delia - sabahan..promp queen with nice royal yellow blouse at FK dinner at crown plaza..she also not available anymore guys!..=D To wawa - iban girl...nice also...thank to her cause to put my link in her favourite section..kredit to her...
"they all future engineer"
hehehe...itulah a litle bit prescription about them...even my communication with my opposite gender are too bad..but still i want to get along with you all...=D...i have one more person to share with u all..but i think maybe next time...because she is too far away from here...i wish her alwiz in pink or yellow or white of health... i got a bad fever today..sory Ir Dr Andrew, dont manage to go to your class today..also En aidil,sory for not be able to enter your dynamic class...time to take a meds...panadol all the way..damn!panadol suck... back on track tomorrow..insyallah!..

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3 Response to "....back on track..."

  1. jeffry azizi jaafar Says:

    cis!!!!best ah hg dh nk abes.pasni boley kumpul duit bebanyak pastuh boley blnja aku.hahaha!!!

    rekemen la awek sabahan sorg yg cun utk aku. :P

  2. Jaja Says:

    @jeff...blum abis lg bro..one more sem to go..awek sabah?..aku pn xknal jeff...ake xde mmbr pompuan...huhuh..sedih siot...

  3. Anonymous Says:

    apa yang saya cari, terima kasih