..yet to be told...

..he wants to love but his heart turned cold from those old stories yet to be told and solve. he never told a soul about his past, maybe it should stay that way, the less the better. Too much cruelty, he buried everything deep inside knowing that no one could really understand what he has gone through. A real life of ‘frog-who-want-to-be-a-prince-charming’….

..Stories, whatever it’s about, bring a deep curiosity in our heart and we can’t stop reading until the entire puzzles are solved and the trivial question that seems so foolish is answered, and of course, when the sad prologue becomes the happiest ending. So let me warn u, there is no happy ending here. The only left is nothing to be left for someone like him..

..It all begun with a crack in his heart… by a soft smile from a woman across the hall. Gentle piano touch on ‘Beethoven’s Love Story’ filling the atmosphere, illuminating the heart of everyone in the party, his too. Then the smile grew wider, as the women come closer, he though he must be dreaming. Deep down his heart, he honestly confess that he had fall in love, but with who? The shinning Cinderella getting closer....

..A tear on his face… he doesn't realize the tears has run down, pity him. His thumb, smudge the first tear but her touch make the sadness even worse.

..A scar on his wrist…

..A moment in time that he can’t replace…

..A place to forget…Just another thing to regret…

..he gonna smile like nothing's wrong, talk like everything's perfect, act like it's just a dream, and pretend she's not hurting me….

p/s : kredit goes to me and ridha......sigh~..

anda rasa? 

7 Response to "..yet to be told..."

  1. Ish Says:

    ridha ?? rashid ka ?

  2. Jaja Says:

    @ish - jeng3~...hahaha..aoklah rashid la ya..

  3. Anonymous Says:

    credit does to u n ridha?apa mksudnya?

  4. Jaja Says:

    @dina - maknenye rasihd dalam usahasama ngan aku polah post tok..n ade la sumtin2 lg kan..hoho..

  5. amal hayati Says:

    can u show ridha's photo in here?
    need 2 noe wic one..

  6. amal hayati Says:

    can u show ridha's photo in here?
    need 2 noe wic one..

  7. Jaja Says:

    @amal hayati - hu r u?...cannot la dude..