...[...bLue is the coLour..]..

April 16, 2009 Thursday, April 16, 2009 karya - karya Jaja Jeng
"Liverpool came out strong on the second leg of quarter final champions league...but its end with 2 goal lack...good game by the way...hehe..i really hope chelsea can win this european title this season..."..-jaja-.. for liverpool fan..enough already with the madness in istanbul while their team baeting AC Milan, with superb 3 goal in 6 min!...is not gonna happen in stamford bridge..ha3..personally that time is very2 motivate all the fans and player itself..i feel too...but yeah, u know..once in a while you cannot hope that that madness will happened twice...but no one knows.. For all the EPL team fans..keep on supporting your team..n dun forget to support your local football scene....looking forwrd to see Mlaysia Team in World Cup.. p/s..tired oledy support other team in world cup..

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